Magia Extrana Extra Anejo 750ml

Leather, tobacco and caramel aromas, decent mouthfeel and cooked agave flavor. Enjoyable, especially for XA fans. Aroma: The nose is subtle with honey and creme brulee/vanilla.  It's not overly sweet at all like many of the XAs currently on the market. Magia Extrana Extra Anejo 750ml

Initial Taste: It has good balance of a desserty sweetness from the barrel and a combination of pepper and tropical fruit.  It sweet, but not syrupy.
Body: Medium to thick body.  Nice oily mouth feel.  Hints of bitterness like coffee and dark chocolate blend in the the vanilla flavors.
Finish: I really enjoy the finish.  It's long and spicy and the linger include the combination of sweet and bitter chocolate like the body...just with an extra peppery kick and it lasts for a while. Magia Extrana Extra Anejo 750ml

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