Pinhook High Proof 'Bohemian' Bourbon

Most brands blend hundreds or even thousands of barrels to try to recreate the exact same bourbon every time.  Pinhook looks at bourbon and rye as a natural product, that should be different year to year. The non-GMO grains, the oak of the barrels, and the wildly fluctuating temperatures in Kentucky vary year-to-year, which means the whiskey will as well.  So as opposed to trying to bottle the same bourbon every time, Pinhook tastes the barrels at the outset of each new vintage and creates a blend that best showcases their unique attributes – in other words, the very best whiskey those barrels can express.  They then taste the blend at different proofs to find the perfect ABV% to bring those attributes to life. Pinhook High Proof 'Bohemian' Bourbon

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